The journal imagines a peasant and neo-peasant future, invented by planetary peasants, organised in diverse territories, cultivating biotopes that are more heterogeneous, more democratic and therefore more habitable than those of imperial cities. The journal is associated with the Planetary Peasants festival organised by Werkleitz Gesellschaft Halle (GER) in 2024-2025 to mark the 500th anniversary of the peasant revolts in Germany.


The issue also opens with a central section devoted to the recent Soil Assembly initiative, and develops some of the experiences, reflections and surveys gathered within this emerging network that promotes soil literacy, biodiversity and food transition in art and design schools.


Finally, the event announces the next Soil Assembly, to be held in La Chimba, Ecuador, in May 2025. The Laboratory Planet collective and the Soil Assembly are also calling for support for the Ecuadorian organisational community and in particular for its presentation through a Planeta Laboratorio in Spanish, which will be distributed at Biodiversity COP 16 in Cali, Colombia, in October 2024 to promote the Soil Assembly in Ecuador six months later.

Workshop at the farm La Divina Papaya, Kayambi territory, Ecuador.
Credit: Mateo Barriga Salazar