Our aim is to make our space and activities as accessible as possible in terms of physical and social barriers. Entering the Spore building via the barrier-free main entrance is suitable for people with limited mobility, wheelchairs, and strollers. The elevator is located on the ground floor. All program and exhibition spaces, as well as restrooms are accessible for people using mobility aids or those who prefer to avoid stairs. 

Our events are held in different languages, so please make sure to check the program listing for specifics. All the signage and texts within the building are displayed in German and English.

We strive to create an open, emphatic, and discursive space, in which all our guests, visitors, team members and external partners can meet, share, exchange, and collaborate in a welcoming and respectful environment. Therefore Spore is committed to creating a space free of discrimination, violence and hurtful behavior and language. We ask visitors to join us in this commitment. If you experience any form of discrimination or violence during your visit at Spore, or if you observe such behavior, please speak to the Spore team. If you do not feel comfortable to address this with the team directly, please write an email to

Spore allows photography so that visitors can document and share their experiences. Photography must be for personal, noncommercial use only. Professional cameras or tripods are not allowed without prior written permission from Spore. Video and the use of flash is not allowed. We ask you to always move with consideration to fellow visitors and with respect to the artworks on view.

Animals are welcome, but please put them on a leash.

Your feedback is always appreciated. If you have any questions, suggestions, or other comments, please contact us.




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