Through different workshop formats, an exhibition, and a roundtable, this event proposes affective counterstrategies and new perspectives on moments of resistance, subversion, and creation. Together, we hope to explore paths by which we can radically reclaim the future and build real, lived utopias.

The exhibition and workshops are hosted by editors and contributors to the book “Beyond Molotovs - A Visual Handbook of Anti-Authoritarian Counterstrategies”, which brings together 50 first-hand accounts from anti-authoritarian movements, activists, artists, and scholars; ranging from the collective art of feminist movements in India, Iran, Mexico, and Poland, over sewing collectives, subversive internet aesthetics in Hong Kong, to anti-authoritarian board games. 

Beyond Molotovs

The International Research Group on Authoritarianism and Counter-Strategies (IRGAC) is an initiative of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung that brings together scholar-activists from across the Global South to research authoritarian capitalism, the far right, and strategic responses from the left.  


kollektiv orangotango is a circle of critical geographers and friends who have been in co-evolution since the 2000s. As popular educators, they strive for a collective horizontal production of knowledge; as militant scholars, they link practical interventions and theoretical reflection. They place their work at the service of emancipatory processes in youth clubs and community gardens, in schools and autonomous social centres, on park benches and in lecture halls, in favelas and in rural communities.  


The 2020 Feminist Night March, Istanbul.
Ateş Alpar
Hongkong Protest Art, Kwai Fong Lennon wall
Studio Incendo
Feminist activists painted the names of victims of feminicide on a metal fence in front of the National Palace (...)
Ana Álvarez
An elderly woman picking up an eggplant from the ground during a verdurazo action, where producers give away vegetables (...)
Bernardino Avila
The painting by Fearless Collective shows two women holding each other (...)
Philippe Calia
Drafts for passport and flag for the Bishan Commune by Xiaoma and Chengzi. Courtesy of Ou Ning and the Bishan Commune.
Ou Ning and the Bishan Commune
A tapestry of Cordillera region, Philippines. (...)
Cian Dayrit
’Migration’, 50x70 cm, tracing paper mixed media
Ercan Altuntaş
To counter an anti-abortion boat-trip through the centre of Saint Petersburg by ultra-conservatives, feminist activists (...)
David Frenkel
The Gaviota de Plata (Silver Seagull) is the award given by the Viña del Mar music festival in Chile. (...); OPA Kolektiva; Taller Fábrika

Supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation with funds from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.