A Name is More than a Noun

A spore is an extremely small, often single and occasionally multicelled, reproductive body capable of doing many fascinating things. Under adverse circumstances, a spore is able to remain dormant for substantial periods of time, reanimating itself for dispersion and germination when conditions are right. It is capable of reproduction without sexual fusion and mobilizes its ability to develop into a new organism in order to support and diversify ecosystems. So tiny that it is invisible to the human eye, the microscopic spore carries the potential to blossom into infinite forms of life.

Earth Cultures, Cultures of Life

Indigenous Peoples represent only 6% of the world population yet take care of 80% of the world’s biodiversity. They are defenders of land and food sovereignty; guardians of the forests, rivers, and soil; seed keepers and water protectors; caretakers of knowledges, cosmologies, and regenerative ways of coexisting. Spore collaborates with communities, initiatives, organizations, and individuals pursuing diverse modes of self-governance by nurturing principles of reciprocity, healing, and solidarity. Spore will work alongside communities and people who fight against the transnational violence of ecological depredation led by corporate interests and enforced by state policies. Spore will work alongside communities and people who, in these and many other ways, contribute to cultures of respect for nature and all life that flows on this planet.

Stand with and Follow Through

Spore is a cultural initiative that engages with practices, ideas, spiritualities, and dynamics of belonging, which guide and determine the way we relate to the biosphere and all life and matter within it. Acknowledging that creativity and imagination rooted in daily practices have a pivotal role in cultural regeneration, environmental justice, and social transformation, Spore acts as a facilitator for diverse modes of cultural exchange between different communities and organizations, establishing and expanding existing links among people who may be far away from one another, but share values and experiences intertwined in their lived cultures. Spore will follow through with what has already been initiated by others. Everything to come has already begun.

Staying with the Act of Listening

Spore is an attempt at sustained listening to those who collectively care for the earth as part of their everyday lives. It strives to closely follow, with humility and respect, the intergenerational stories, conversations, and exchanges that hold together and nurture the communities and collaborators it works with. For Spore, attentive listening is action. It is a commitment to staying with and following through on the visions, dreams, and journeys of the people it works alongside. It means being open to the complex weavings and intrinsically unforeseen turns of collective life practices.