Fall is approaching, and we wish to invite you to join us close the gardening season with a harvesting and cooking together. Our gardener Mikhail Lylov will walk us through the garden and show us how to take care of biodiversity, to exchange seeds, and to appreciate life in the soil and water. We will hear more about the ways in which the garden behind Spore House is connected to the stories and knowledges of our partners in the Global South, such as the Maya milpa agriculture in Yucatán.
With the harvest we will collect, Jasmina Al-Qaisi will continue her cooking format "Grandma Says That Garlic Goes Last!" that she started in August. Together we will prepare freshly harvested and seasonal vegetables from the region. Cooking together is also an opportunity to talk about food origins, preparation cultures, the work behind them, and our (dis)connection with the earth.
We gather to come together briefly, share affects, exchange knowledges about food and nutrition practices we care about, and find a language that reflects our dish.