Slowly beautiful

The river

In me movements

I feel gentle

Healing feelings    

Write. Perform. Flow - Spoken Word is a fusion of poetry and performance, in which written words are recited. For me, spoken word poetry is the echo of my soul.


In this workshop, we will get to know and try out different writing methods and exercises: immediate, entertaining, practical, and self-reflective. We want to feel each other, write together, with the headline hovering over our heads: "How do we move, feel, write and act with our social positions in this world?" We will share our stories in a decolonizing, fun, and soul-searching way.


Moving in our own flow of words and letters, we will write down what our hearts have to say. The aim is to gain access to collective feelings, themes and thoughts through spoken word poetry and to awaken and promote the desire for our own linguistic expression.

Stefanie-Lahya Aukongo

I, Lahya (Stefanie-Lahya Aukongo) am a Black freelancer. I experience myself as an artist, author, poet, curator, disseminator, photographer, activist, workshop team member and singer. Too much for a short life? Clearly not!


Almost everything in my life revolves around lovingly and socio-critically arranged reality molecules, which are wrapped in song, drawings, collages, photographs and/or poetry. I deal with topics such as decolonization, dream(a), radical self_love, intersectionality, healing, privilege, individual and collective vulnerability and responsibility and especially delicious strawberry ice cream.