tales of the territory.
Fabulations of place.

To stand
To dig
To touch
To smell
To nurture
To soil

An eco-systemic inquiry.
Interconnected multifaceted being.
Relationally constituted.
A place of rootedness and belonging.
Complex and multi-layered.
A skin we live on.
A home to many life forms and multitudes of species co-existing in its depths
in known and unknown ways.
A tender surface layered with time, histories, treasures, potentialities.
A site of regeneration and primordial silence,
where the cycles of nutrients care for life to compost, transform, renew and flourish.

Touching soil to learn about different soil compositions.
Spore Initiative

Soil. Earth. Ground. Home?
Soot. Dirt. Loam. Grave?
Sand. Stilt. Clay. Dust?
Each time a new taste in my mouth.
As I try to find a word for Being in Relation.

Touching textures,
complexity keepers,
More-than-human conversations
opening spaces in-between cultural expectations.

What we shape
and are shaped by.
The gift of connection
in reciprocity.

Julia Bar-Tal (Arbeitsgemeinschaft bäuerliche Landwirtschaft) brings the farmers perspective on soil care into the exchange.
Spore Initiative

Whispers of the land
Reciprocal ways of being -
Testimonies of interconnectedness. 


The book of soil -
Your words come from different times;
I will join one of your chapters, as long as the writing goes on.


In the darkness of your plurivocal story
There is someone who remembers across generations.
A tiny seed is asleep.

Introduction to the leaflet on the solar Maya produced with our partner Colectivo Suumil Móokt'aan.
Spore Initiative

A lively conversation in the shade of banana leaves.
Jícama, mucuna and chili wait impatiently
For the three sisters to welcome them into their circle.
Milpa in becoming.

Another raven comes down for an unexpected feast.
The spring joy of invisible connections torn by the steel plow.
I turn away, not to look at the stripped body losing its strength.

Svenja Nette (wir stehen drauf) shares her conversations with farmers on soil care.
Spore Initiative

Restoring attentiveness,
Nurturing a sense of place
Above and under


Overcoming distance.
The joy of being with the wild things,
An interspecies community of Earth Beings.

Around us
Above us
Below us
Within us

Neighbor and participant watching a video input by Colectivo Suumil Móokt'aan.
Spore Initiative