Ulatbansi / Zigzagging (2021) draws on the mystic poetry of 15th century weaver/saint - Kabir Das to expose how knowledge politics dispossesses handloom artisans in India of the ownership of their knowledge. The film zig zags between the weaving and musical practice of weavers in Kachchh, Gujarat, and the one lone weaver in Chirala, Andhra Pradesh, who holds the memory of a time before the Jacquard loom robbed them of the language of weaving. Some of the artisans will join us over Zoom from India.

Raeda Taha
Salma al Yassir
Dina Nasser
Leila Khaled

Weaving, embroidery, and other textile arts are often praised for their artistic and cultural value, while their role as technologies and philosophies are downplayed. In this event, we will learn more about how weaving and stitching are ways of knowing, and how communities keep them alive in the face of forced displacement.


The event is facilitated by:

Muna Khalidi and Carol Mansour from Forward Film Productions and by Vivek S. Oak and Gauri Nori, Handloom Futures Research Fellows 


The Event is fully accessible in English with Arabic, Hindi and Telugu elements.